I believe you can have it all.

You had a baby. Or a couple of babies. And you thought you’d go back to work, but then… you didn’t. Or you did, but you hate it. Or you didn’t, and you feel like you’re missing a part of yourself. Or you don’t hate your job, but you hate the hours. Or the people.

People tell you, “You have to choose. You can’t be a great mom and have a great career.” Those people? Those people suck. Those people are wrong. You can have it all. You can stay home with your kids and have an amazing career. You can do work you enjoy and be present for your children.

You can write your own success story as a freelance writer. I can show you exactly what you need to do to start your career even if you have no experience. On the blog, you’ll find plenty of step-by-step instructions for everything from finding the time to write to creating a writing resume that will help you land real freelance writing jobs — the kind that pay real money.

Successful Freelance Mom is written for you, the mom — and for you, the successful freelance writer building an amazing new career. I am passionate about helping you figure out how to have it all — because you can.

Writing for Money: Your Path to Success

Last week, I thought it would be fun if we did something as a family. I was thinking that we’d go see a movie or have lunch in a restaurant. One thing led to another, though, as they do, and in the end, five of us piled into the car at 2:30 in the morning and drove...

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What Exactly Is a Freelance Writer?

If you’ve been kicking around the Interwebs trying to figure out how to make money from writing, you might have come across some information on freelance writing. And you wouldn’t be the first person to ask, What the heck IS a freelance writer, anyway? A freelance...

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Choose Your Path to Freelance Success

There are questions that people ask me a lot. Sadly, these are rarely questions such as, “Wow, have you lost weight?” or “How can I get my hair to look like yours?” Rather, these are generally questions like, “What are you making for dinner?” and “Can I have some...

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Tiny Habits: The Secret to Your Success

What kind of resolutions do you make every year? I’m going to lose ten pounds. I’m going to write a novel. I’m going to declutter my house. Do any of those sound familiar? How many times have you made the same resolutions? Two years in a row? Five years? More? Why do...

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Hi! I’m Abbi, and I’m excited that you’re here! I started this blog so that I could provide you with all the information I wish I’d had when I started working as a freelance writer all those years ago.